We offer workshops on DJ*ing, PA & Live Mixing, and Recording.

Please see our Events page for upcoming workshops or Contact Us to book a workshop.


We are happy to expand SoundSysters with our new DJ*ing workshops!

In the workshops you will get to know the basic elements of DJing, the theory, and the practice. We will discuss and demonstrate mixing, sound effects, and other artistic tools.

We welcome you to bring the music that you like and hope to create a good atmosphere of creativity and expression together.

No prior experience needed.


PA & Live Mixing

Did you ever want to organize a party/concert and not know what to do about the sound equipment?

SoundSysters gives workshops with different sound equipment to get you started and understanding the basics.

The workshops usually take place on two days for about 6 hours each. It is held in English and German, and there is a maximum of 10 people joining each workshop.

You will learn how to set up a small PA, use different mixers and other sound equipment, soundcheck, set up monitor speakers, and some basic theory on electricity.

The Level 1 workshop is perfect for people who do not have experience with sound equipment!

Level 2 are for those who already have some experience or already did the Level 1 workshop.

Level 3 is best for those who already did the Level 2 with us! we will focus on working with a digital mixer and also take a look at analog siderack equipment like effects, compressor, and gate.

If you are interested in joining a workshop:

We have fixed workshop dates where you can join us and learn. You will find these dates on this homepage in the “Coming Up” section. Just write us an email on which date you want to participate.

Or you can invite us to your event place/ music center/ social center/ youth club and we can give a workshop there. Just contact us and we will work something out! We can also tailor our concept according to your interest and focus more on a dj-set or on a concert stage. Anything is possible!



You will learn the process of recording sound into a computer or into a digital audio workstation (DAW).

The 4 basic steps of music production are:
1. Recording
2. Editing
3. Mixing
4. Mastering

Level 1 Recording Workshop
– Signal flow
– Different recording/music production softwares
– Microphone techniques for drums, amps, vocals and other acoustic instruments
– Studio acoustics
– Tracking session set up
– Basic elements of mixing

Level 2 Recording Workshop
– Signal processing (equalization, compression, limiting)
– Setting up delay and reverb
– Bus tracks
– Recording a band
– Advanced mixing concepts