Our crew currently consists of Antto, Alex, Asly , JacqueKaren, Kathleen, Lola, Maya, Noam, Rica, Rosa, Steff, and Tamara.

Past members of our crew include Eddy, Janine, Lane, Raquel, and Striid.


Antto’s journey through life has been one of passion, curiosity, and creativity. Multi-instrumentalist Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer and Filmmaker who was born and raised in Chile. From a young age, They developed a deep love for music and instruments.

After finishing the school where They had Their first band, Antto studied Audiovisual Technics, where They learned how to work with cameras, lighting and sound and made Their first films as music videos and documentaries. After graduation They started to work in the National TV industry, but after a few years, They decided to move to Spain to seek out new experiences.

In Spain, Antto continued to work with the inventor and musician Werner Lambertz who inspired and gave Them the tools to record albums, create and produce new music and learned EMP, while working as a Sound Engineer in the Culture Center Sa Taronja over the years They stayed.

Antto’s thirst for adventure led Them to Berlin, where They became deeply involved in the city’s underground music scene, playing in different jam sessions and witnessing the patriarchal structures that often dominated those spaces.

While jamming Antto met the members of Their first and current music project as a drummer, The Garlic We Crush, with whom They have been pushing and supporting the Soli, Political and underground movement through their music:
Antto’s involvement in the Berlin music scene didn’t stop there.
Currently They play bass for Das Rattenkabinett with the rapper Lena Stoerhfaktor and for a folkloric Chilean music project called Solo Pájaros
Antto also plays synths in Elektrolaster and collaborates as a drummer with Brezel Göring (Stereo Total).

In 2023, Antto produced and mixed Their first first full album “Die Zukunft war gut”

Through Their collaborations and projects, They have found a treasured place in the SoundSysters Crew, that shares Their values and ways of working.

Antto has shown a deep commitment to music, creativity, and pushing boundaries. Their work is a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on the world around Them through art and activism.


Asly is a multilingual, multicultural audio engineer based in Berlin, Germany. Her diverse heritage, half Colombian and half Arab (Palestinian from the ’48 ), informs her passion for bridging cultures through sound.

Her journey began with a love for music, particularly metal guitar. This passion led her to pursue sound engineering studies in both Israel and Berlin. Starting her career with a focus on studio recording, mixing, and mastering, she later worked as well in a dedicated post-production studio where she learned the art of crafting sound for the media and TV.

In 2016, she started to expand her expertise to live sound engineering ,due to the influence of several friends in bands who needed an FOH operator. Undeterred by the challenges of a male-dominated industry in Israel, she found a supportive community in Berlin. There, she completed her Bachelor’s degree while actively engaging with the FLINTA community, contributing her musical talents to various bands and collaborative projects.

In 2022, driven by a desire to promote inclusivity within the audio field, she joined the Soundsysters collective. Through workshops and collaborations, she actively contributes to diversifying the soundscape.

Today, Asly is a versatile audio engineer known for her dedication to excellence. She operates comfortably in various settings, working as both a FOH and monitor engineer, for diverse events, venues, concerts, and tours, as well as in studio settings or as a mixer-mastering engineer.

Notably, she has collaborated with different artists like Tchkr, Kafvka, Pablo Brooks etc. and upcoming tour dates with Mayberg. Beyond technical expertise, Asly brings a unique cultural perspective and a commitment to inclusivity to every project. She excels at capturing the essence of each sound, creating powerful sonic experiences that resonate with audiences across cultural boundaries. Additionally, she continues to contribute her creativity as a metal guitarist and a screamer in the new metal project “Void Before the Altar.”


telecommunication engineer interested in technology as a tool for social change. Works in software engineering but  steeping into the sound engineering world, to support the struggles in the community. Learning sound engineering supporting solidarity events for multiple causes. Technical support  in video-conferencing and anything to do with cabling


Karen is a sound engineer for conceptual recording projects and individual live performances. In both cases she focuses on the musical piece combined with specific room acoustics, creating auditive scenarios.

Born in Buenos Aires she started as a recording studio assistant in 2011 for pop and indie music. Since then she had traveled through many countries collecting experience in studio recordings and live performances. Based in Berlin since 2014 she focuses on her work as music producer and sound designer as well. She collaborated in Studios like Hansa Studios, Chez Cherie, Black Bird Studios, with bands like Tocotronic, Ätna, Lobsterbomb between others.


Kathleen is a live sound engineer and A/V technician based in Berlin.

Music has been a part of Kathleen’s life from the very beginning. She played classical violin throughout childhood, and eventually discovered her true calling: audio engineering. In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, with focuses in audio engineering and jazz violin performance.

Since then, Kathleen worked in live events, recording studios, and game audio. She holds a deep passion for bringing communities together with music, and led non-profit music outreach programs in US & Germany. Since meeting fellow crew member Maya at a female:pressure event in 2018, Kathleen worked with Soundsysters to provide hands-on learning opportunities for FLTI* people in sound, and amplify underrepresented communities.


As much as the underground music scene aspires to see itself as gender equal, more often than not behind the mixing desk at concerts and parties the hands are those of male sound technicians. For Lola Tseytlin, Russian born, Israeli raised and Berlin based, that reality is all too familiar. As an active participant and event organizer in the Israeli alternative music scene of the early 2000’s, often Lola has been the sole female sound technician, MC or musician to be found among the rough edged, “do it yourself” spaces which young Israeli culture jammers and street artists would reclaim for their own, transforming deserted factory spaces into thriving community centers, or rotting old train stations into days-long music festivals and techno raves. During the wild years of the Tel-Aviv scene in a decade that started with a Palestinian uprisal and racial riots, and which ended with a economic depression, Lola has been at the forefront of sound system and rave sound system crews, organizing summer school to the neighbourhood kids, as well as parties, concerts, political and solidarity events. Under those conditions, the “Do It Yourself” approach was not just an ideology but a necessity, which gave Lola the chance to not only be in charge of sound systems, but actually build them herself.

Growing up in Israel is a struggle, especially as a woman, as a minority and as a member of a counter culture. Lola’s experience, in her journey to claim her own position as a female in a male dominated scene, is a central experience in her journey as well as her current project, “SoundSysters”, along with fellow German native sound tech Eddy (Adina) Fellows. The two, since joining forces in 2013, have been amplifying and managing sound systems all over Berlin, but are as passionate about their work as well as about empowering fellow women, non-binary and transpeople to step up, and follow their passions. Their work has included giving out sound system managing workshops to immigrant women, as well as being in charge of high profile live shows in Berlin, such as the Kumbia Queers shows. Now, working as full time team, an event with the “SoundSysters” in charge of the sound system, benefits from the shared experience and dedication of its members, but it also means being part of an ongoing project that is a “business” as much as it is about community, solidarity and vision.


For me, sound and music are naturally connected to community life, and to social and political spheres. I have always been fascinated in the place of sound and music in peoples’ life and in human history. For the last decade, I have been creating music and sound art, DJing, and mixing live concerts/performances. I also have trained and worked as a music therapist. I try to combine my feminist perspective in my everyday practice, working with musicians and artists, teaching sound and DJ workshops to FLTI people, and in different projects that combine my passion for music and sound with a political feminist perspective.

In recent years, I have been working as a sound engineer in many venues in Berlin including: Südblock, Werkstaat der Kulturen, ://about blank, Mensch Meier, Schwules Museum and others, and in festivals such as Fusion and At.tension. I have been composing soundscapes and music for various dance and performance projects, and help with many soli-events in the city with sound mixing and sound production.

Noam "elektroda" krispil

Is analog producer, sound engineer ,stages builder, vinyls collector and dj, Anarcho feminist, underground political movements supporter and sound teacher world wide.
Noam is an multicultural hyper futurity borderless mind. After many years of stage building and carrying Sound systems in almost every possible country around europ and beyond,
Noam went to study sound design and engineering in 2018.
Already in her first year of studying, Noam went to work with big sound companies, fixing speakers and equipment and stage building.
In the end of her studies Noam started mixing live bands in the punk crust hardcore and underground scene between different projects. as well commercial and big festivals around Germany, night clubs in Berlin and independed clubs around Europe.
Noam located world wide as sound technician and engineering solutions on the road as part of traveler freelance and international soundworker / sound teacher .
With endless passion to the field, Noam love to become one with the artists she mix, believe in equality between all involved on stage and all cultures around music / preforming filed .

Rica Pinu

Rica Pinuis a Berlin based musician, multimedia composer, performer and sound engineer. She realizes works in the field of music, interactive performances, theatre, dance, film and multimedia installations. In her pieces she explores the connection between sound and visuals, light, movement and language. Her recent projects focus on an interactive participative approach. It is an ongoing research about the possibilities of artistic expression at the edge of art and technology. The creative process crosses different fields such as composition, music production, programming and electroacoustic engineering.

As a musician and sound director she was involved in concerts and live performances at various places such as ZKM Karlsruhe, Resonanzraum St. Pauli Schwankhalle Bremen and MS Stubnitz in Hamburg and has played at festivals such as the blurred edges Festival in Hamburg, the next generation Festival at ZKM Karlsruhe the Incontemporanea Festival at Piacenza (Italy) and the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo (Norway).

Secondary to her main activity as a musician, producer and composer performer she teaches PA workshops under the umbrella of the feminist sound crew Soundsysters since 2021. As part of the electronic music school lev Berlin she has realized workshops for children and young adults focusing on electroacoustic music, recording, mixing, sound design and music production.

academic studies
10/2010 – 09/2013 academic studies at the Philipps Universit ät in Marburg:
Arts, Music and Modern Media (B.A.)

04/2016 – 03/2017 contact studies at the HfMT Hamburg:
New Technics of Composing (contact studies)

04/2018 – 30/11/2020 academic studies a t HfMT Hamburg:
Multimedia Composition (M.A.)

Additional links:


Rosa loves listening.

(And plays the drums).

Rosa passionately supports artists with the technical aspects of their work.

Rosa studied art, and works on sound/installations. Rosa recorded and post-produced sound for many art and indie films, and also gathered experience as boom operator & sound assistant for fictional film.

After a professional training as Audiovisual Media Designer at the public broadcaster SWR, Rosa worked in radio production and broadcasting for 9 years.

Rosa also teaches – and creates space to work on art.

Rosa is very excited to be part of the SoundSysters crew, because working with feminist sound people who are happily sharing their knowledge and supporting each other is the greatest!


Stefs approach to sound and sountechnic comes from a live drummers perspective.
Stef loves and follows the idea, that the soundtechnic field aims more variety in terms of genderidentity, as the stage itself could turn in the same time into a more comfortable place for more different identities playing music.
Soundsysters is for her a collective to share ideas, thoughts and practice, for more flinta empowerment on, in front of and behind the stage.
Stef does sound/stage-hand building up/down for soli-events.
Upcoming Ideas, future whises and visions is e.g. to create a bigger flinta-drummers network, to work more on sound all around the drums, creating workshops like “how to do my first soundcheck on stage”.

Playing drums in
Kiki lazer


Tamara is a live sound engineer, production sound mixer on film sets, sound designer, audio post-production sound director, musician/singer and boom operator. Born in Siberia and professionally formed in Warsaw, she is currently based in Berlin.

Her love for sound, music, and feminism began early in her hometown of Tomsk, where she formed her first riot grrrl punk band at the age of 14. Since then, Tamara’s life has revolved around sound, music, and DIY groups.

In 2016, Tamara enrolled in the Sound Design program at the Warsaw Film School. And in 2017 she already started to work in the audio post-production studio, where she developed her skills in audio post-production, sound design for movies and games, and audio editing. Although, after completing her studies, Tamara began working as a live sound engineer and technician.

In 2020-2022 She worked on several Polish TV and Netflix series as the head of the sound department and main production sound mixer on-set.

Recently moved to Berlin, where she is currently working as a live sound engineer while actively participating in the SoundSysters collective. She is also passionate about giving workshops and sharing her knowledge and experiences.

Past Crew


Eddy (aka Adina) grew up in a small town in West Germany during the early 1980s, listening to and playing music.

After spending some years in Hamburg, Eddy moved to Berlin and began to play drums and bass guitar in different punk bands.

After finishing an apprenticeship as event technician, Eddy worked as a freelancer building up concerts and other events, while doing sound at all kinds of DIY-events throughout Berlin. In 2012 Eddy went to SAE in Berlin and did a one year course on audio engineering, learning a lot about recording and mixing music.

To learn more in a professional surrounding, Eddy did two trainings in different sound studios.

Since summer 2013, Eddy works together with Lola Tseytlin and started “SoundSysters“.

Since April 2014 Eddy is the sound technician of the band ”Wortfront“ and since August 2014 Eddy also works at the ”Berliner Rockmobil“ to support music/sound workshops at different schools and youth clubs.

From January until April 2015 Eddy stayed in Barcelona and worked at Soiart Estudios as a recording and mixing assistant.

Since April 2017 Eddy is supporting SOOKEE as a sound technician.


Hey there, I’m Janine and a female sound technician. I’m doing FOH as well as sound on stage for
I was born in Berlin and I’ve lived here for over 35 years.
I finished my apprenticeship as an event technician at SO36 in Berlin Kreuzberg in 2015.
When I stepped into freelance-life, I was on tour with „Sookee“ through Germany and Austria in
2016, and had some gigs with „Me and my Drummer“ in Norway, Austria and Germany. I worked with „Nosliw“ at Stemweder Open Air Festival.

Since 2017 I’m the sound technician of „Drum Klub“. We traveled to Denmark, special locations in Germany like Belantis Themepark or Metropolis Hall at Potsdam Babelsberg, and even to Riga for events and festivals. We have gigs at Waschhaus Potsdam and Kammerbühne Cottbus every month. A new location in Berlin will be coming soon.
In Berlin I am working at SO36, About Blank, Yaam and some other venues depending on

For me it’s very important to get as many impressions and experiences as possible. That means to
have the courage to get mostly through all challenges… and have fun! 😉


Lane was born in Northwest Germany and grew up in a small village.

As a teenager in the 1990s, they started getting interested in different kinds of music, and also playing guitar and singing.

Lane did a two week internship at a sound studio in Oldenburg for profession orientation when they were 17 years old. They would have liked to become an audio-engineer after finishing school. But at the time, it didn’t work out due to different reasons.

Lane was living in Oldenburg for six years, where they joined a group that set up DIY concerts in a well equipped self-organized centre. This is where Lane had the chance to get in touch with live sound, and gathered experiences in the following years.

In 2007 Lane moved to Bremen where they restarted playing guitar after a break. They started playing and singing in bands which became an important part of their life.

In Bremen Lane joined a queer-feminist collective that sets up DIY concerts and kept gathering experiences in doing live sound occasionally.

In 2016 Lane moved to Berlin where they joined SoundSysters. From 2017 to 2019, Lane was trained in audio engineering at the SAE Institute Berlin, fulfilling a long-standing dream. During their training Lane specialized in recording and mixing in music production, and post-production for film.
After graduating Lane started working as supervisor in the audio department of SAE Institute. Also, Lane teaches audio engineering at Berlin-based Street College and works on various projects.


Raquel started to kick ass in 2005 in Madrid. Working as a promoter in the underground scene, she noticed the lack of women behind tech creating the music and mixing it.

In 2010 she moved to Berlin and started to DJ in DIY events to create a better party space for women and trans* people. In the last years Raquel became one of the most visible DJs in Berlin and underground European music scenes.

In 2012 she started the party line Trash Me which became an incredible success in Berlin’s night life. Raquel also conceptualized and developed the popular party lines Dis/Tanz and Autopoesis. Her focus is to empower women and trans* people in the night scene through loud, fat, and buzzy beats!

In 2016 she joined the SoundSysters Crew and has been an amazing force of inspiration and solidarity. She offers DJ Workshops, generously sharing her expertise and empowering people to mix sound and to be loud and powerful.

When she’s not DJing, Raquel works as a light and sound technician in different venues and public events.