We want to practise setting up a stage..doing soundchecks, enjoying concerts and taking over the stage with flti-musicians!!

Starting in june 2017 we will give a new row of workshops!

We saw that the people who already did level 1 workshop with soundsysters still need the opportunity to practise more!

Therefore we will give a workshop once a month from june until december 2017 to practise more detailled on doing a soundcheck and working with a concert situation. This workshop is for people that already did a workshop or for those who already have some experience but want to practise more!

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop – please write to us..let us know about your experience with sound until now and what you actually want to focus on more…just send an email to soundsysters at

We are still looking for more bands that would like to practise one or two days with us…you will learn how to do a soundcheck…understand what is going on on stage…we can give you advise with tuning your drums and finding a good sound with your amps! if you are interested – just write to us: soundsysters at

The dates are already please let us know which date will fit!

june 10/11: Level 1 booked

july 8/9: Level 2 booked

july 29/30: Level 1 booked

august 26/27: Level 2 booked

september 16/17: Level 3 booked

october 14/15: Level 1/refreshing:  booked

november 18/19: Level 2

december 9/10 closing party yeah!!



we are looking forward to a wonderful summer and autumn and great workshops with you!!



funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH