feminist networking

Soundsysters is not only a way for us to work together and earn money with something we love to do. It is also a political project as we both want to make it possible for females/transpeople to get a foot into the sound world.

We believe that the sound world still is a male dominated place and therefore women and transpeople are having difficulties to participate. We also believe that working with a soundsystem, elctricity and loud music is very empowering to every woman and transperson. It gives you the possibility to be loud and heard!

One idea is that we give workshops for women and transpeople on how to build up a small pa so the way to make your own party/concert is less complicated.

Until now about 80 people took part in our workshops. We are encouraging them to stick together and keep practicing working with sound in a feminist way. We have our huge soundsysters-list to forward call outs for help at political events with the sound…and the network is growing!!

By going to the worldwideweb with soundsysters our aim is also to give space and opportunity for female and transpeople to connect with us, with each other and to feel empowered by each other.

Join the soundsysters and contact us!