Raquel started to kick ass in 2005 in Madrid. Working as a promoter in the underground scene, she noticed the lack of women behind tech creating the music and mixing it.

In 2010 she moved to Berlin and started to DJ in DIY events to create a better party space for women and trans* people. In the last years Raquel became one of the most visible DJs in Berlin and underground Europe.

In 2012 she started the party line Trash Me which became an incredible success in Berlin’s night life. Racel also conceptualized and developed the popular party lines Dis/Tanz and Autopoesis. Her focus is to empower women and trans* people in the night scene through loud fatt and buzzy beats!

In 2016 she joined the SoundSysters Crew  and has been an amazing force of inspiration and solidarity. She offers DJ Workshops, generously sharing her expertise and empowering people to mix sound and to be loud and powerful.

When she’s not DJing, Raquel works as a light and sound technician in different venues and public events.

check out the music: