For me, sound and music are naturally connected to community life, and to social and political spheres. I have always been fascinated in the place of sound and music in peoples’ life and in human history. For the last decade, I have been creating music and sound art, DJing, and mixing live concerts/performances. I also have trained and worked as a music therapist. I try to combine my feminist perspective in my everyday practice, working with musicians and artists, teaching sound and DJ workshops to FLTI people, and in different projects that combine my passion for music and sound with a political feminist perspective.
In recent years I have been working as a sound engineer in many venues in Berlin including: Südblock, Werkstaat der Kulturen, ://about blank, Mensch Meier, Schwules Museum and others, and in festivals such as Fusion and At.tension. I have been composing soundscapes and music for various dance and performance projects, and help with many soli-events in the city with sound mixing and sound production.