Lane was born in north-west-germany and grew up in a small village.

Being a teenager in the 1990s they started being interested in different kinds of music and also playing guitar and singing themselves.

Lane did a two weeks internship in a sound-studio in Oldenburg for profession orientation when they were 17 years old. They would have liked to become an audio-engineer after finishing school. But back then it didn´t work out due to different reasons.

Lane was living in Oldenburg for six years where they joined a group that set up DIY concerts in a well equipped self-organized centre. This is where Lane had the chance to get in touch with doing live sound and gathered experiences in the following years.

In 2007 Lane moved to Bremen where they restarted playing guitar after a break of some years. They started playing and singing in bands which became an important part of their live.

In Bremen Lane joined a queer-feminist collective that sets up DIY concerts and kept gathering experiences in doing live sound occasionally.

In 2016 Lane moved to Berlin where they joined SoundSysters. Currently Lane is attending a school for audio-engineering and learning a lot about recording, editing and mixing – which means they are living a dream they already had many years ago.