Kathleen is a live sound engineer and A/V technician from Los Angeles.

Music has been a part of Kathleen’s life from the very beginning. She played classical violin throughout childhood, and eventually discovered her true calling: audio engineering. In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, with focuses in audio engineering and jazz violin performance.

Since then, Kathleen worked in live events, recording studios, and game audio. She holds a deep passion for bringing communities together with music, and led non-profit music outreach programs in US & Germany. Since meeting fellow crewmember Maya at a female:pressure event in 2018, Kathleen worked with Soundsysters to provide hands-on learning opportunities for FLTI* people in sound, and amplify underrepresented communities. Currently, she is happily based in Berlin as a live sound engineer, and works at Ableton.

Website/Contact: https://iamaviolin.com/