Hey there, I’m Janine and a female sound technician. I’m doing FOH as well as sound on stage for
I was born in Berlin and I’ve lived here for over 35 years.
I finished my apprenticeship as an event technician at SO36 in Berlin Kreuzberg in 2015.
When I stepped into freelance-life, I was on tour with „Sookee“ through Germany and Austria in
2016, and had some gigs with „Me and my Drummer“ in Norway, Austria and Germany. I worked with „Nosliw“ at Stemweder Open Air Festival.

Since 2017 I’m the sound technician of „Drum Klub“. We traveled to Denmark, special locations in Germany like Belantis Themepark or Metropolis Hall at Potsdam Babelsberg, and even to Riga for events and festivals. We have gigs at Waschhaus Potsdam and Kammerbühne Cottbus every month. A new location in Berlin will be coming soon.
In Berlin I am working at SO36, About Blank, Yaam and some other venues depending on

For me it’s very important to get as many impressions and experiences as possible. That means to
have the courage to get mostly through all challenges… and have fun! 😉