Eddy (aka Adina) grew up in a small town in West Germany during the early 1980s, listening to and playing music.

After spending some years in Hamburg, Eddy moved to Berlin and began to play drums and bass guitar in different punk bands.

After finishing an apprenticeship as event technician, Eddy worked as a freelancer building up concerts and other events, while doing sound at all kinds of DIY-events throughout Berlin. In 2012 Eddy went to SAE in Berlin and did a one year course on audio engineering, learning a lot about recording and mixing music.

To learn more in a professional surrounding, Eddy did two trainings in different sound studios.

Since summer 2013, Eddy works together with Lola Tseytlin and started “SoundSysters“.

Since April 2014 Eddy is the sound technician of the band ”Wortfront“ and since August 2014 Eddy also works at the ”Berliner Rockmobil“ to support music/sound workshops at different schools and youth clubs.

From January until April 2015 Eddy stayed in Barcelona and worked at Soiart Estudios as a recording and mixing assistant.

Since April 2017 Eddy is supporting SOOKEE as a sound technician.