Antto was born in Southamerica, in the far land of Chile, were she grew up always with a special curiosity and early development to music, instruments and sound.

Already in those initial years she had her first music band, which would be followed throughout her life by multiple music projects where she would stunningly sing, play the guitar, the bass and after some years the drums.

After finishing school, she decided to study Audiovisual Technics, where she learned, among many things, to handle/work with cameras, lighting. She started working on National TV, where though she learned a lot, she truly didn’t like anything about that kind of environment. So she decided to migrate, look for new experiences, move the airs and ideas, and catch life with her very own hands.

That is how Antto arrived in Spain in 2008, where she kept working with different musicians— playing, doing sound, recording albums, making music videos, documentaries, collaborations, and creating her own music. On that same time she worked for over 3 years as a Technician in a Culture Center called Sa Ta:

After this, and with the focus of never ending learning, experiencing and natural movement of life, Antto moved to Berlin, where she started to perform in the streets, and got deep in touch with the Berliner Underground Scene, and took off living for short terms in different house projects.

She would then go on playing in different possible Jam Sessions in the city. During many of those sessions she witnessed and reflected the most profound patriarchal stage terms, and started to have a lot of internal and external conflicts within this topic.

While jamming, Antto met all the members of her actual big music project where she plays the drums, The Garlic We Crush, with whom she has been strongly preserving, pushing and supporting the Soli and political movement:

She was also playing in the U-bahn were she met other musicians that are very important for her life. Some of them form a folkloric Chilean music project called Solo Pájaros where Antto plays the bass:

Last year, while working in different venues doing sound, specifically at a feminist DIY concert, she got to know about some people that were part of this feminist sound crew. Immediately interested, Antto got in contact with them, and after the first meeting she knew she had found a very treasured place, where she finally shared views, ways of working, and making a statement to a world many times ruled by men.

That is how Antto finally joined the SoundSysters Crew, who gave her confidence, power, knowledge and the space to still go on forward as massively needed from in and out our culture.