coming up

16.03.2020: SoundSysters Stage Nürnberg@Z-Bau, 5-11pm. Bring your flint* instruments and friends

13.03.2020 PA Workshop Level 2, JUZ Erlangen. Anschließend Konzert!!

06.03.2020 Demo*Esquenta + Party 8pm @SO36 Berlin

27./28.02.2020 PA Workshop Level 1: Huanchaco, PERU

08./09.02.2020 PA Workshop Level 1 Erlangen

20.12.2019: ‘Coffee and cables’ at Altes Finanzamt Berlin-Neukölln

05./06.12.2019: DJ*ing Workshop Level 1 Berlin

26./27.11.2019: Recording Workshop Level 1 Berlin

05./06.11.2019: PA Workshop Level 2 Berlin

20.10-3.11.2019 perForm Musicincubator: Nairobi, Kenya –> soundsysters coaching at the mixer

26.10.2019 Mixed Feminist Action Rostock’s “Lazyfest” –> soundsysters at the mixer

22./23.10.2019: Recording Workshop Level 1 Berlin

19./20.10.2019: DJ*ing Workshop Level 1 Berlin

16./17.10.2019: PA Workshop Level 1 Berlin

29./30.09.2019: PA Workshop Level 2 Berlin

10./11.09.2019: PA Workshop Level 1 Berlin

28.08.-01.09.2019: IN*VISION –> soundsysters at the mixer

26.-29.07.2019: Building Bridges Festival Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer

22.06.2019: “behindert und verrückt feiern” PrideParade Berlin: 15 Uhr @Jannowitzbrücke Berlin:

01.06.2019: sex worker parade Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer

31.05. – 02.06.2019: LaDIYfest Kiel: Live-Mixing-Workshop mit Soundsysters Kiel!!

25.05.2019: Heartbeatz Soli Festival Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer

11.05.2019: Frühlingsfest at Wagen- und Projekteplatz KTS13 in Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer

03.05.2019: Soli-Event for ABC Russia @KomaF/ Köpi Berlin

25.-28.04.2019: Unframed Project @ New Yorck Bethanien, Berlin

13.04.2019: 74. Memorial Day of Liberation of KZ Ravensbrück –> soundysters at the mixer

08.03.2019: international womens* day –> big march in Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer!

22.02.2019: Queer Gala Berlin –> soundsysters at the mixer!

12.01.2019 –> soundsysters taking care of the sound equipment

04-06.01.2019: PA Workshop Level 1 Kiel

15./16.12.2018: repairing and safety workshop Berlin

15.12.2018: Liebig34 Soli Party –> soundsysters at the mixer! starts at 22:00 L34 bar: Queer feminist Hip Hop Concerts and Party: only 15 days left until the contract ends….

08./09.12.2018: PA Workshop Level 1 Berlin

06./07.12.2018 DJ*ing Workshop Level 1 Berlin

28./29.11.2018: DJ*ing Workshop Level 2 Berlin

10./ 11.11.2018: PA Workshop Level 2 Berlin

03./04.11.2018: PA Workshop Level 1 Karlsruhe

27./ 28.10.2018: DJ*ing Workshop Level 1 Berlin

20./ 21.10.2018: PA Workshop  Level 1 Berlin

6.10.2018: CAREA Solifiesta at Subversiv, Berlin…starting at 6.30 with Infos about CAREA and the Togo-Mexiko-Projekt with Tombola! ab 21:00 live: “Drama Panorama” (Elektropop-Spaßpunk), “Trainingseinheit Katzenkotze” (somegender* Pommespunk) und “Daddy Longleg” (Punk), anschließend “DJ lucha amada mùsica rebelde”. more info:

23./ 24.09.2018: PA Workshop  Level 2 Berlin

08.09.2018: Party at Karpfenteich Wagenplatz –> SoundSysters at the mixer:

25./ 26.08.2018: PA Workshop  Level 1 Göttingen

11.08.2018: EmpowAir Festival: SoundSysters will take care of the sound!

11.8.2018: PA Workshop level 3

28.07.2018: RubyTuesday Youth Rock Camp: final concert at FEZ Berlin with SoundSysters at the mixer:

27.06 – 01.07.2018: SoundSysters doing sound at Fusion festival

23.06.2018: mad and disability Pride Parade: SoundSysters will take care of the sound

15/16.6.2018: SoundSysters doing the sound at: KLIRRRRR FESTIVAL

15.06.2018: SoundSysters doing the sound: Yalla Lass feiern!

26./27.05.2018: PA Workshop Level 1 Berlin

11./ 12.05. 2018: PA workshop Level 3 Berlin: We will practice at a real event:

It is 10 years birthday of the Disorder Rebel Store

30 April 2018, 8 pm: SoundSysters at the mixer:

“I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer”:

8th of march!!! international women* day!!!

22.02.2018: Queer Gala at Köpi!!! Soundsysters are doing the sound, come and join us!

26.01.2018: Brass-Riot-Concert at Subversiv, starts at 10pm..soundsysters on the mixer!

23.01. 2018: SoundSysters in charge of the stage at the Students Strike at Ernst Reuter Platz Berlin: concerts starting 3pm – 10pm…support the strike:

05.01. 2018: Soli-event for Waves at New Yorck, Bethanien

16/17 th December: open doors for all!! Last soundsystersstage 2017

9th of December: Party for the right to stay at New Yorck, Bethanien: Soundsysters do the sound!!

18/19th November: SoundSystersStage Level 2 booked

28th/29th October: Workshop Göttingen

14/15th October: SoundSystersStage Level 1/refreshing booked

16/17th September: SoundSystersStage Level 3 booked

26/27th August: SoundSystersStage Level 2 booked

29/30th July: SoundSystersStage Level 1 booked

8/9th July: SoundSystersStage Level 2 booked

10th/11th June: SoundSystersStage Level 1 booked

6th-7th May: Workshop Witzenhausen

21th of April: soliparty for SoundSysters! :

25th/26th of march 2017: workshop

18th/19th of february 2017: workshop

17th/18th of december 2016: workshop  Berlin

18th – 20th of november 2016: LADIYFEST ST. Petersburg, Russia

5th/6th of november 2016: workshop at Alhambra, Oldenburg

21st of july – 7th of august 2016: SoundSysters working at Berlin Lacht! , Alexanderplatz together with 2 new awesome “trainees” from our workshops!!!

9th/10th of july 2016: Level 2 workshop at Bethanien, Berlin

15th/16th of may 2016: Workshop at Leipzig

9th/10th of april 2016: Workshop at International women space:

18th/ 19th of march 2016: Workshop at Ladiyfest, Sandfabrik Flensburg

12th/13th of march 2016: Workshop Berlin-Friedrichshain